Custom Home Builder St. Louis, MO

JP3 Inc. is built upon three generations of experience in custom home building and remodeling. We believe in constructing high-quality homes that fit your unique lifestyle, so we strive to remain mindful of the details that are most important to you. Our experts provide the personal attention and superior customer service that you deserve for your investment. We combine your personal lifestyle needs with our dedicated passion for carpentry and craftsmanship to turn your empty lot into the home of your dreams. The staff of our company is dedicated to building lasting relationships with our clients and we look forward to working with you on your custom home.

There’s no need to for you to go through all of the expense and hassle that comes with moving when you hire us to build an additional space on your home. JP3 Inc. has provided local homeowners with all kinds of new rooms in St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding areas for decades. Whether you’re in need of an extra bathroom, a spare bedroom, or even a second kitchen, our team has the technology needed to get the job done.

Give Your Home the Additional Space it Needs with Our Help

When you add a new room to your residence, you significantly raise your property valuation while meeting the needs of your growing household. You shouldn’t need to uproot your family just to relocate to another area that offers the space you need. With the help of our experts, you don’t have to. Room additions are considerably more affordable than moving, and they also take far less time. We complete all of our projects on time without stretching your budget beyond its limits.

Our staff knows that each home and homeowner is different, so we are prepared to accommodate all of your unique tastes and style preferences. Any addition that we make to your home is customized to your exact wishes, from the dimensions and flooring to trim work, and material, the brands are entirely up to you. That way, you get to enjoy the fun of making the choices while we handle the hard work. Once we’ve finished, the final result will look exactly how you expected it to, if not better than you expected.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with Decks & Porches from the Experts

The customized deck and porch design process that we provide offers you a chance to create a beautiful extension of your home while enjoying the great outdoors. We carefully select the best material for the job from treated lumber, cedar, or wood composite decking to complement the accent lighting and railing style of your choice. With a complimentary onsite inspection to answer any questions before we begin, you’ll have access to the solutions you need for a bigger and better living space.

Contact us to learn more about adding new rooms to your home. We serve homeowners in St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding areas.